Aloe Vera Juice  Ref: FY1L

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Typically providing over 5000 mg per litre.
High Potency Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice.
Harvest chilled and freshly squeezed to maximise efficacy - not made from concentrates.
Organically grown, pesticide and herbicide free.
Cold processed and stabilised from harvest to finished product.
No Pasteurisation or Heat processsing.
Contains no Aloin, Aloe Emodin or other irritant Anthraquinones.
Aloe Vera enzyme activity and integrity is preserved through non-pasteurisation and cold processing.
Made only from TRUE ALOE - Aloe Barbadensis Miller.
Far exceeds all I.A.S.C.* standards for High Quality Aloe Vera Juice.
Industry experts set an Aloe Polysaccharide (APS) standard of 1,000 mg per litre for quality 'single strength' filleted or gel-only juices.
* I.A.S.C. is the International Aloe Science Council.

We know you won't find a better Aloe Vera Juice than FOREVER YOUNG WHOLE LEAF. Once you have tried it, we are sure you will agree!